About Me

Hello current visitor, and hopeful immediate blog follower!  My name is Jeffery Williams Jr. and I am a Mindset & Career Coach for my startup company called TDW Coaching and Consulting Services.

At TDW, our goal is about the betterment and improvement of anyone looking to make their dreams and visions come to fruition.  Inspiring people to be self-motivated, empowered by their motivation, and then sharing that experience with people around them to improve any or all facets of life and our surroundings.

We would like for everyone we converse with to understand their value and help them find their purpose they were put on this earth for.  There are far too many talented people walking earth’s surface today and it is a shame that about 90% of them never achieve anything, simply and mainly because they are never taught to turn those talents into skills.  Never taught to associate their dreams and gifts with goals, that discipline and execution are the main things missing from their toolbox of success.

Our intent is to make our believers, subscribers, customers understand that their personal growth is the key to change their present and future!